Denis Sandmann

Fear – Everything you can image exists.

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Everything you can imagine exists.

There is a feeling that is always among us. It accompanies us throughout life. In the evolution of all animals, fear plays an important role. It shows us, when we have to flee, what is dangerous and what’s not. Anyone who has a keen sense, notices very quickly using his fear of what people he should stay away from and do him no good. In our human survival kit, fear is an important tool or instrument.

However, I think, in us, in our society there is more fear than necessary, and most common in areas of our life that hold us back from fulfilling our real purpose. Finding our way. Understanding ourselves.

What is fear?

Fear is just a feeling. But unlike other emotions it occupies a very large part of our lives.

People seem to love their fear. They go out with her and fall asleep with her. Shouldn’t fear protect us? Against wild animals and other dangers?

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In my opinion it is the root of all problems. Those who live in fear, are not fully in the present. We all want to live without fear. Without fear of death, hunger, cold or of being alone. Fear is the biggest problem in our society. Fear tears us apart, it separates us. You don’t want to face what you fear. If you look at feelings more accurately, there are really only two basic energies that we can experience. Fear or love. I’m sad, so I may be afraid of losing something. Or I have already lost something and I am afraid of the future without my lost. I like something, so I am in the energy of love. You see, two basic energies. The energy of fear and the energy of love. Everything else that we believe we feel, is an emotion that can be categorised into the box of fear or love.

Fear in our modern society

Somewhere around the emergence of modern society and its political systems, we have to deal with a different size of fear. As the ”Forest – Human“ we could thrive so far until we hit resistance within the group or tribe we lived in. As an individual, some options are available for us …

Adapt and forget about your dreams and desires.

Leave the group and follow a new one.

Living on your own terms.

Today the options are the same. But in another size! Where once was a group of few mastering everyday life, today we find ourselves in a society with billions of individuals. It is hardly possible that groups of significant size form and balance everything out.

Take this example. The little forest dweller lives in a small hunter and gatherer group. They travel from place to place in order to hunt and gather their food.

One day they discover a village in a valley. Some members of the hunter-gatherer group are interested in becoming farmers and thinking about leaving the group.

They don’t have to be afraid of being murdered or discriminated because they want to change their lifestyle. Now there exists a society with a counter-society. There is room for everyone and the groups can co-exist.

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If today I try to build my own society, my own country, establish my own laws or no laws at all, living in the forest like a wild animal or build a farm on a piece of land I like, I have to be afraid that the counter-society, our „civilisation“, will cause me problems.

We all have the same goals, but have different ways to achieve them.

Unfortunately, there are very few people who do their own thing. Who are not influenced by our consumer society. This society is becoming more and more powerful and I think that is the problem.

Back then … let’s say in the Stone Age, it was still manageable. There was this tribe and that tribe and the other tribe beyond the mountains, they could stand each other or fought wars, without destroying earth. But today with these massive amounts of individuals on one fraction, we have set back ourselves massively. The majority of people living here on this earth do the same things every day.

A counter-society is not necessarily bad. It’s all about the balance. But most people are afraid to be a part of a counter-society.

If we conquer this fear, we can lead planet earth and other living things to a better more sustainable life.


We are a strange society, we mostly do things the simplest way.

Sure, because of job, household, children, family one has enough to do. No, I mean the people who watch TV. Someone who has time to watch TV can do a lot of other things that are more meaningful.

My mother always said she watches TV to relax. Sure. Thirty digital images per second crush against our iris and that is relaxing. How can it be that this physical exertion is experienced as mentally relaxing? Whatever. What I’m really trying to say is the following.

We all want to be entertained, be it through TV or other things, people, thoughts, books, music. There is so much. But most people are always looking for short-term entertainment. They want to get their satisfaction as quickly as possible.

Now most people sit in front of their TV, computer or smartphone because they are getting entertained fast and easy. Short-term. But what would happen, if we devote ourselves to long-term projects that also bring us joy? Let’s take an example. Building a rowing boat.

Why does the minority of the people not build rowing boats?

I think because they are afraid not to finish it. They are afraid and think: “I can’t do this.”.

In fear we sit in front of our TV and watch people, who are not afraid of build rowing boats, building rowing boats.


Fear – A curse and a blessing

It keeps us from doing crazy things. Not jumping off the roof of a tall building, because we are afraid of the injuries. On the other hand, fear is not perfect and can overreact. Fear of strangers is a good example. All my friends once were strangers and I’m sure I would not like to know some people that I do not know now. But if I do not overcome the fear of talking to new people, I cannot make new friends.

Another area where fear can overreact, is our immune system. I think that fear is directly connected to our immune system. The immune system is the state of our health. It is not just something that you should strengthen or should assist with probiotic super drinks, those things anyway do more harm than help. No, the immune system is our health. A healthy person has a healthy immune system.

Fear is a very primitive thing, lets again take a look at the primitive man. We can compare our immune system to a computer on which various programs run simultaneously. Some programs need more time and computing power than others and therefore there are program or process priorities. There is a heartbeat program that is responsible for supplying the body with fresh blood. One should keep in mind that all these processes take place subconsciously. There is also a program for the eyes that handles visual stimulation, a breathing program, etc. But also the “Immune System Program”.

Sure, breath, heartbeat, and heat production have the highest priorities and then things like seeing, hearing and other senses would start.

But what happens if the situation changes?

We have to flee from an attacker.

The process priorities change!

Breath and heartbeat priorities increase from 50% to 80% and the immune system must be shut down. There is not enough computing power available to power everything. But in emergency situations we can function without some programs for a while. Pain, hunger and thirst disappear, and suddenly we have more power in our legs than ever before. Everything triggered by fear. Lightning fast and subconsciously.

What happens if I daily suffer from fear of losing my job? I think exactly the same, the programs that are not necessarily required shut down and these which are responsible to solve the problem quickly gain computing power. Goodbye immune system, hello illness.

If the fear-trigger vanishes and we can relax, the body regenerates and all systems go back to normal.

In this scenario, you can see very well how fear can harm us and how it can serve us. I think this is applicable to all areas of life.

The problem is our subconscious mind. We cannot consciously control, of what we are afraid. Fear comes and goes by itself. Of course there are other causes of illnesses, but I think that fear is one of the main causes.

So what is the origin of the fear?
Why are we afraid of certain things?
Some love spiders, others fear it.
Where does this start, where does this end?

Conviction – Our most important tool

When I try to remember when I first came consciously in contact with fear, I think way back into my childhood. Riding my bike the very first time. I never rode a bike without the training wheels that were attached to the side, ever before.

Now there it is! I’m doing something for the first time. I do not know much about it because I’ve never tried it. Fear arises.

Why? I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m not comfortable with the situation. I do something for the first time.

The unknown seems to make us curious and anxious at the same time. Humanity is exploring remote areas to learn new things, even though no one really knows what is behind the next hill.

Now we are here on this planet in this body to have experiences and try everything. Maybe also to overcome fear? To experience it, to feel it?

Fear is such a thrilling feeling, just like love. Fear can control us, make us go crazy, or even kill us. Some people spent a lifetime in the cage of fear. Now I’m not talking about the fear that you have when you stand in front of a wild animal and are afraid of being killed. No! I’m talking about the fear that always accompanies us and never really disappears. The fear that you carry within you every day!

Fear always comes into existence in the unknown. In the unconscious. If you do not know what to expect.

Let’s dig deeper. Just because we experience something new, we aren’t afraid of it. It is up to our attitude about the situation. There are people who look forward to meeting new people and there are people who are afraid of others. That’s their attitude, their conviction. Usually the root lays much much deeper.

If parents say to their children:

„You cannot do that.“

„Something like this is not for you.“

„That’s impossible, no one else has done this before, why you should do it?“

„You are too young for that.“

that’s not very encouraging. One is not good enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, not old enough. I think in everyone, in all ages, these phrases roam in their subconscious minds. Nice to examine at people who have little self-confidence.

Let’s sum up. Fear comes into existence when one is about to experience something new. But only if you have a negative attitude about the situation. This conviction or this prejudice may be caused by previous experience or by talking with others who have had negative experiences. When you have a negative idea of what’s to come. If you let yourself influence by that. Otherwise, we have a neutral or positive feeling.

For example if one meets someone with a positive conviction about the person, the meeting will have completely different energy than meeting the same person with a negative conviction. Our convictions are very important.

“Our reality” is what we feel, hear, see, taste and smell. So everything that we can perceive with our senses. All feelings and emotions are produced by our belief. Of course by fear too.

It’s simple. If you check your convictions and your beliefs in your life about all things, you notice that they usually match the actual situation in your life.

Let’s suppose I have the opinion and I am convinced that I’m ugly. So a look into the mirror will tell me the same.

If ask other people about my appearance. They will answer, it’s obvious you do not look as attractive as all the other people who feel attractive.

Oh! So there is something else? Exactly! The feeling.

A real conviction without the feeling is not possible. I cannot just change so my conviction and say:

„Ok, now I’m convinced! I look good!“

We need a good reason to adjust our emotional view of the world to a new view, to subconsciously carry around this new conviction with us, radiant it out to the world in order to get back the appropriate energy.

Our reality is not created by our thoughts. But through our deepest feelings and beliefs.

Fear is created by our beliefs we have about the world / things / people / situations in our lives. Subconsciously we then create what we believe to be true and absolute. I repeat, subconscious. In our normal conscious state of mind we no longer understand our world and the fear gnawing at us, so that we no longer know where to go.

Thoughts do not create reality, reality is created by our convictions.

Fear in daily routine

I found myself at the Christmas market in my hometown at the ice skating rink and helped with the issue of ice skates. A very normal activity of which I did not expect to be surprised with such a situation.

Of course, the engineers who built the skates, invented a simple locking system that had already been used for years for in-line skates. But one or the other amateur ice skater could not find a way to secure the shoes properly on his foot.

It was amazing how many people came to me and asked me to help them putting the skates on. I do not mind helping people. I am not an engineer and I still understood the closure system, without ever having used such an ice skate, very quickly.

Now for the first 50 people you go down on your knees and help them to put on their shoes. But then gradually I had the idea to give a short introduction, if someone asks me.

Despite the introduction, repeated explanation and helping with one shoe, many people of all age classes were not able to put on their skates themselves.

However, my impression was not that people would not have been able to do so. Surely they would have managed to do it if their lives depended on it. But no, they were either too lazy and just wanted to skate, (whereas I have no objections) or they were afraid to really learn this new technique of closing the ice skate. Afraid to fail or to grow beyond themselves.

For me something I do every day. If I do not understand something, I try to figure it out, or ask someone who I think has more knowledge than I do. But no one can tell me that normal people, do not understand the logic of an “Ice-skate with a clip closing system“. They simply reject to deal with new things!

I wonder how it is possible that people who are scared of growing beyond themselves can make a living or care for their children.

For me, every action of a person represents a piece of their whole personality. Someone who is self-confident, and wants to grow beyond himself, would have no problem with such a task.

Another interesting thing to examine is the religious belief of some people. For sure. I also believe in a certain order that sets itself is depending on what action I perform in this or the next second. Something like action and reaction.

Some people have a huge trust in ”God’s great plan”. No matter what god. But when it comes to really sacrificing yourself for something or someone, just like a Jesus would have done it, many people are not willing to help. They are not consistent in their principles and adapt to the situation in accordance with their degree of anxiety. Of course I have a good sense who tells me: “Don’t trust this person”.

But show me people who are loyal to their faith and act like that! They hide in fear, in their habits and pray that nothing bad happens to them! Instead of being a good role model for others and help strangers? This western christian-influenced society lives together, head-to-head with the homeless and the poor?

Love thy neighbour as thyself. So one apple for you and two for me, because they fear having too little? I have to say I share a lot of my knowledge, thoughts and material goods with everyone to connect, to break the „ice“. It has never hurt me and I always had more than enough.

What is wrong with some people? We prefer to take more apples from a public apple tree than we can bear, because we are afraid that tomorrow all apples have been plucked from the others.

The Problem Fear

I have already described how fear helps us sense danger and may save our lives. Now I would like to dig deeper and explain how we are controlled by our fear.

I think that most of our actions are a logical consequence of fear. We live in a house because we are afraid of being cold. We go shopping right before our holidays, despite a full cellar storeroom. We lie, cheat, murder, hate, abuse, run, die, and do a lot of other things because we are afraid not to make it, not to be good enough, not to be the best, not to be alone, not to starve.

In other words: To fulfil our desires and avoid our fears.

What our wants and desires do to our planet, is something you can watch in the news every day. I think I don’t have to dig deeper here. You know best for yourself. Maybe you hide it because you are afraid, but you know it.

I want to encourage people to get up and say:

“Enough with this slavery! I want to be free!”

If we think about why we are here on earth in these bodies, then freedom is probably one of the first thoughts that come to my mind. I do not mean freedom by money or the fact that I can decide where and when I want to go somewhere else. No, real freedom.

The freedom to be the person you really are.

A body is a great tool to express that. That is not very easy in this society between commercial breaks, expectations of others and earning money. If we can let go of our fear each person for himself, take a step back and look at ourselves as a part of a greater whole, as human and human and human, only then the planet will change to what we want so much. Everyone does what he must do. By that I mean that everyone decides for himself what he needs. Sure, everyone has to eat and drink. But it is up to each self, what he makes of himself. A life in fear or in love. A life in abundance or in vacuity.

There is so much to do and still high unemployment. Garbage laying in the woods. Trees that could be planted. People who need help. People who are starving. Houses that could be built. Books which should be read. Children who want to learn. Children who need attention. Products that can be optimised. Everywhere I see enough to do. Enough work.

But work that does not generate money, will not be done.

The garbage in the forest cannot be sold. Hungry people, do not generate profits. Houses which no one pays for are not going to be built.

It’s not the others. It is up to yourself. Everyone is his own master, his own god, his own Jesus. You decide your own level of involvement.

If all shops close, your money is worth nothing. Then, it is time to take care of yourself. We work for a currency that makes us dependent from all people who offer products in exchange for it.

Knowledge is the one thing that can make us independent.

How do I get clean drinking water?
How do I build a house?
How do I grow my own food?

That is real wealth. If I know how to take care of myself. I don’t have to be afraid of hunger, thirst or cold.

Conviction – What is that?

These thought patterns play a big role in our society.

Since early age everyone creates thoughts, beliefs and convictions or adopts them from their friends, parents and others.

Most likely you will adopt your beliefs and convictions from people that inspire or impress you the most. Real politics is war with convictions. People try to convince others because they are convinced that they must do this in order to be better. In order to be right. To have certainty.

What is the driving emotion here?
Exactly. The fear. What many do not realise, however, that exactly these convictions are very important for our future.

„Our convictions create our reality.“

I know some people who look at life from a negative point of view. That leads to a life in which they also experience everything in a negative way.

Each person experiences his personal reality, created by his own convictions and his own perception.

For one a person can be very charismatic and inspirational, and for others the same person can be a pain in the ass.

For one, the grass may be green, for the other it is dark green. This makes comparison unnecessary.

Convictions and opinions are not the same thing. Convictions are the substance of one’s personality. The core of one’s being.

A conviction which is really anchored in the ego of a man is always connected to a feeling.

I remember these moments where my conviction about something changes because my feeling about something changed. Convictions are controlled by feelings. I do not know any person who can say from one moment to the other:
“Ok. Now I’m convinced of the opposite!”

No, our ego needs a very good reason to change his conviction.

Some people can be convinced very quickly. Nice to watch, when people spread rumours about something. They spread quickly and people who are anxious always cling, to the current state of affairs, in order to not be confronted with their fears. In order to be better informed than others. Regardless of the rumor being true or not.

Convictions create and form our reality. If a large part of our convictions is a logical consequence of fear, we are left in a life that is ruled by fear. She tells us where to go, how we face social interactions with others and what we are going to achieve in this lifetime.

I think fear is not a pleasant feeling at all. But fear is our guide to find the road the heart wants to go.

The head or our ego is a superb thinking machine. One walks through bars, discovers an interesting person gets the idea of approaching him or her, starting a conversation, but then suddenly your head will think about every possible thing that could go wrong.

This is normal. This is our survival instinct. But if you face your fear of approaching others, then you could experience something positive and your conviction about approaching others may change. The more often we face our fears, the easier it becomes.

It can be very hard to face your fears, but its not impossible. In my life, the moments where I faced and overcame a fear, was always that moment that literally changed my life. These moments that unlocked the next level for me. Facing my fears really brings me further.

As soon as you are afraid of something, you carry those convictions or thoughts with you every second. The result is that we attract exactly this unwanted situation to face it, to accept it, to grow beyond it, to learn from it and then to leave it behind.

Have you noticed? Your biggest fears come true! It is also interesting to examine that if you don’t face these fear and overcome them these unwanted situations repeat.

At the time when I had my first serious relationships with people, I often had the fear of not being good enough or to not fit into the social environment of my partner.

That led me to creating exactly this situation of not fitting in the social environment of that person. I was not good enough for my partner and I experienced one break up after another. I always thought that the problem is not me. I’m a great guy. Kind, loving, always there when you need me. But my beliefs about other people created these situations. This went on for a few years. One evening I thought about it and realised found in all of my previous relationships exactly the same pattern.

All my partners had basically the same characteristics and convictions and that created the same situations for me over and over again.

Now I realised that the fault was mine. It was not because others did not accept or appreciate me. I had not even really appreciated myself and exactly this behaviour was copied by my social environment.

Very nice to observe in sexual relationships between man / woman, man / man, woman / woman, because there is always some sexual tension.

My social environment was my mirror that showed me who I really am. I had understood the problem and worked on myself. In this way I could change my conviction about myself and in about two weeks later a new kind of person came into my life.


Fear is my Teacher

It seems as if every fear I have is a task. A challenge.

I’ve often wondered what I should do with my life.

What is this all about?

Why am I in this body?

On this planet?

What should I do with my life?

Well, today I know that my fear always leads me exactly where I have to go. Someone who has the heart’s desire to start his own company, to say goodbye to the nine to five existence, but is afraid and is not pursuing his dream, will carry that desire for a lifetime. I’ve made ​​it my life’s mission to defeat all my fears. To learn from them. To grow old and then one day leave this body with my knowledge and a clear conscience.

If we look at this world everything is very physical. Objects, different materials. Wood, stone, iron, sand, water. This world is hard, soft, smooth, slimy, all of those things. Everybody had a dreamed once during sleep, drank alcohol, has heard of ghosts and near-death experiences. All kinds of things.
But is this something we make up in our minds?

Does our mind play tricks on us, or are there really these things? Are they real? I would like to refer to the first sentence of this book.

„Everything you can imagine exists.“

I cannot exactly say who or what we are and what we really feel or not. If I put a piece of glass in my hand, do I feel the glass? Or do I feel something pressing on my fingers and do I feel therefore only myself? Anyway. I just try to use my mind to gain some wisdom from my fears. If I do not know what to do, I always do that what is the most exciting thing to tell others.

Someone who flees from his fears, tells how he spends his time and is bored. Goes to work and watches TV. Another, who faces his fears, meets exciting people, tries new things, is curious and has the guts to just do it.

Who would you rather have as a leader?

To know and to believe

Many people share a great fear. The fear of pain and death.

Each of them has a personal conviction about that and I think exactly that is what they will experience. There are people who feel as body and physical. But I have also talked to people who said:

“I am not my body. This is just something like a vehicle. My means of transportation device for this level.”

Whatever anyone may think, he cannot know what we really are.

No one can know what happens when we die or what was before. You can only assume or believe what is and what not.

But, what does it really mean to know? What does it really mean to believe?

The generally known, but false and shortened, quote from Plato’s Apology goes like that:

„I know that I know nothing.“

Was he right about that?

I say, the only thing you can really know is that you exist. Everything else is belief.

René Descartes also said something like that:

„I think, therefore I am. […] We cannot doubt our existence without existing while we doubt; and this is the first thing we can know when we philosophise in an orderly way.“

Let me explain. In our reality, we have to deal with a lot of physical items. For example, a knife. The word knife is written here in English. But it may also be written in other languages. Or simply call it something else or invent a new word for it. No problem.

If one extends that to everything we think we know, you see very quickly that our whole lives, our entire reality is only set up on a belief system that people have invented in order to communicate. We see things and give them names. It does not matter, if its the right or wrong name for it.

The most important thing is that you make yourself clear that everything you believe you know is just a belief.

Let’s suppose a famous scientist discovers something new. He wins a Nobel Prize and some TV Channels produce documentaries. His knowledge is so obvious and groundbreaking, that everyone agrees with him. This man is right. He is correct in what he says. He knows that.

You cannot. You cannot know something like that. It’s impossible. Put that book down and go out of the room until you can no longer see it. How do you know is it still there? The probability is high that it is not simply disappeared. But no one can know if it’s really still there where you left it.

But what can we know? Maybe, that we exist? No, that oneself exists.

How can you know that other people exist?

You cannot. This is belief. I hope this is understandable. Some people have problems with this idea.

A scientific rule states that a theory considered true, until someone can refute it.

I once read a beautiful story online. It is about a professor of natural sciences and a student who follows the catholic faith. They have debate about who is really the creator of the world, but at the end of the discussion, it turns out that the professor cannot prove his teachings, nor can prove the existence of his brain. So the student retains right that everything we think we know, we only believe.

Honesty – Truthfulness – Truth

In my opinion, the most important thing in life is truth.

To recognise yourself. Being honest to yourself, as well to others. Honest with your feelings. To be true to yourself.

If you are not honest to yourself, you will find yourself in a life full of lies, experience illness and create unwanted situations.

Often we carry around convictions that we have adopted from others.

But when we have to make the right decision in our life, one really should think about what to do.

Look inside yourself for the truth. Inside ourselves and outside ourselves we strive to experience different feelings, but we usually let the mind decide how to achieve that. Shouldn’t we let our feelings decide what to do next?

We can think about what’s right or wrong, but our feelings are not something we are able to control and foreknow.

I know some people who let themselves guide by their feelings, despite having fear. They just trust in their feeling, just like a monk trusts in his God. You need a certain amount of basic trust in life, to put your mind on the passengers side. But lets dedicate ourselves to the creation of our reality in-depth. I have often heard the saying:

„You have to think positively.“.

The belief is that positive reality is created by thinking positive thoughts. I do not think that thoughts are spreading just like radio waves and interfere with other people and their thoughts. That a thought that I think, causes an immediate change in my reality. This is bullshit.

That all goes in a direction that we cannot understand. Our goal is to experience certain feelings like happiness, warmth, fulfilment. If we now let our feelings of the present guide our way to feelings that we want to feel in the future, everything goes by itself. Something in us, is pointing us exactly where we need to go. Some call it soul or god, others say they follow their heart.

Our reality is created by our very essence, by that what we really convicted about, the things that we really hold on to.

Let’s suppose: Deep inside me I believe that all people are evil. But perhaps I am unaware that I hold on and carry this belief with me.

In a situation like this, thinking positively will not make any difference. My fundamental, my essence, my core being holds on to the belief:

“All people are evil.”

Only when we really change our convictions, we can change our essence, and therefore our reality. Therefore, it is so important to be totally honest with yourself. To your feelings, your desires, thoughts, yes, just about everything that makes you you.

Okay, we now know, how fear is created and that the only way they get rid it is action. We just have to do it. Using our convictions we can shape our reality to our liking. That leads to a happier and healthier life, if we let go of our fears. If we try to defeat them.

But for some people that is not enough. Something is missing. The divine consciousness? Enlightenment? God?

That what some see as enlightenment, is a phenomenon that occurs all over the world in every religion. I often wondered, what enlightenment really is.

Some people told me about short-term enlightenment states that can be achieved through meditation or special diets. Others think all people are already enlightened and they just do not know. Still others say we achieve enlightenment after death, if we join back the oneness. One with everything.

For me all of these things were not tangible and I still did not understand what enlightenment is and why this should be the ultimate goal for human beings.

If enlightenment is so important, it has to be the goal of our lives. Each person then incarnates on earth, to achieve enlightenment.

What is God?

For some people like the term or the word „God“ already has a meaning, but I think that this word of unknown origin means something entirely different.

There are some words that are translated as God for example the Hebrew word „El“, which means something like “mighty“ or “strong“. Another indication is the old Russian, the Cyrillic Alphabet. Where the first letter the A is pronounced „Az“. Some people believe that even a single letter in an alphabet already has a meaning.

Let’s check out the Futhork, the oldest runic alphabet of the norse people. Here, each letter has a number of meanings. The rune which can be translated as A (Ansuz) represents the element air, the wolf, the ash tree, different colours and the fly agaric (a poisonous mushroom).

It must be said that A is not the first letter in this runic alphabet. Anyway,
today A is our first letter and for the Russians in the Cyrillic alphabet too.

Now you have to know my native language is german and we have a metaphor that goes something like this: “He plays football like an ace.”. Here, the ace stands for god, for the beginning. I don’t think the word „God“ does not describe someone or something of supernatural existence, but simply someone with great skills.

For example, Thor and his magical hammer Möjlnir. Zeus and his thunderbolts. Or Jesus who could heal people of their diseases. If you read the Edda the book that holds stories of the norse gods, you see very quickly that there exists no magic.

Thor’s hammer, which when thrown never misses its target and always comes back, was forged by dwarfs. Maybe with a technique that we cannot imagine today.

I assume that the term „God“ was used to describe primarily someone who had great skills. But also to describe someone who lives without fear, without anxiety. Living without fear inevitably leads to extraordinary abilities.

People talked to the “gods” if they did not know what to do. Maybe a popular thought at that time was: “The gods know what to do.”

One who is free from fear, can be the person he really is and create his future free from doubts. But the one, who is afraid can not consciously create. Fear paralyses and makes some unable to recognise the possibilities.

When we realise that, what we see, is only a small part of our reality and walk through life without fear, become aware of our divinity, we can live and die as gods in this body.

And this is exactly what makes a god a god: One who is not afraid of creating his reality.

To explain this in more detail, one could observe followers of various religions. In christianity people pray and confess themselves as guilty or sinners.

But for what should that be good? Of course! To transfer the power to one or few people in the society.

If God, as it says in the Bible, could create the world, we can, too, we just do not know how.

Today, plants are genetically engineered, cities are being built machine are invented. I do not think that Mr. God has done it differently than we did.

Maybe he could wave with his hand and everything just aligned like in his imagination. However, I think that this is not a miracle, but just the purest process of creating. Manifestation.

Now that we know how to get rid of our fears, we are about to become gods. Everything is in our hands. Whether we build a guitar or travel through time in a spaceship. It is up to us, what we make out of our lives.

Take your life into your own hands and leave the prison of fear.

Closing Words

We are here on this planet, in this body to have experiences. Experiences of love and fear. Of divinity. It is always a fear that we resolve when we do something new or discover a new love. When all fears are overcome, body, mind and soul are in complete love and is thus connected to all other loving beings. Fear or love is a decision. In every moment of our life we can live in love or in fear.

If I now face my fears and overcome them, I’m able to grow.

The one who is totally in love, is free and can be the person that he really is. Now everyone has a lifetime to let go all of his fears. To realise that he himself is a god. This can be achieved through a systematic approach, or using meditation, in which we recognise that fear is an illusion.

One cannot know, only believe. Our beliefs and convictions create our reality.

I hope I could positively influence you with these words, maybe in a way that this planet and this world will benefit from it.

More money and more power is not the solution to our problems. We all have to lose our fears and become who we really are.

Veröffentlicht am: 12. April 2014
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