A Trip to Alpirsbach, Schwarzwald, Germany

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We were invited by Traumferienhäuser Schwarzwald to Alpirsbach. A small town in the middle of the Black Forest in Germany. We’ve never been to this part of Germany before, so we were excited to explore the region.

Our trip started in Lingen just about 120 km south the North Sea Coast. Getting to Alpirsbach took some time, but with the German Autobahn distances are easy to deal with.


We stayed in an old wooden house named after the people that lived there over a hundred years ago. The Gerberhaus is lovely. Wood everywhere, a good fireplace and a sauna made this house the perfect location for relaxing a few days and exploring the mystic Schwarzwald.

Video: A Trip to Alpirsbach

Our Home: The Gerberhaus


Our vacant home in the Schwarzwald offered a washing machine, WIFI, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a small garden and a terrace next to the sauna.

It was equipped with everything you need to live comfortably. Tableware, towels, fresh bed linen and an empty fridge with freezer compartment.





It is located right next to a small river (Kleine Kinzig) that flows its way all across the Schwarzwald. The water is crystal-clear and drinkable without further treadment.

In And Around Alpirsbach

Alpirsbach is a fairly small town. There is not much to it. However there are some things to see. The first thing we did was having dinner in a popular restaurant called Brauerreigasthof Löwenpost. Good thing they had reasonable prices and good size dishes. Seems like Baden Würthenberg likes to eat a lot. Good for me. I mostly feel disappointed by the amount of food most restaurants serve per dish.


Because we stayed in a vacation home, we had the possibility to cook our own meals. Buying groceries is easy because Alpirsbach offers everything you might need. Lidl, Penny and Edeka Supermarkets are just around the corner.

Before visiting Alpirsbach, we had a ruff idea of what we wanted to do. We came from the north. So before arriving at Alpirsbach we visited the Stausee Kleine Kinzig. There is a parking lot near the lake and from there it’s a 20 minute hike. The hills are steep, but the hike is well worth it.



Then there is the Flößerpfad which starts in Loßburg, leads through Alpirsbach, continues to Wolfach and tells you something about the history of this specific region, which is popular for exporting wood along the way. The wood was transported on that small river Kleine Kinzig by making rafts out of the very wood that needed to be transported. The guys that built the rafts where called Flößer. So these guys where building the rafts, floating on the river where ever the wood needed to be and after delivering the wood they walked all the way back to Alpirsbach.





Today there are no Flößer anymore. As time progressed, more and more trains where used to transport the wood. But you really see why they where exporting wood from the Schwarzwald. It seems like this forest holds an infinite amount of wood. And nearly everything you see is made out of that material.

Alpirsbach is not only about wood. It’s mainly about beer. The Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu is a popular beer brand and you will see that beer everywhere. There is even a brewery-museum and a souvenir shop.

The Town’s Landmark: Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu

Like I said, in Alpirsbach it’s all about that beer. The beer is made with the crystal clear water you will find everywhere in Alpirsbach. Originally the beer was brewed by the monks that lived in the monastery right next to the brewery, but today the monks are gone and left behind their monastery and brewery for us to enjoy.




If you ever visit this place, make sure to check out the brewery-museum and take a guided tour, which costs about 7 €and includes a tankard and beer-tasting. I found it quite interesting to learn more about the art and history of making beer. Make sure you don’t plan anything to special after the guided-tour. After some beers during the beer-tasting we were quite drunk and spent the rest of the day relaxing in the Gerberhaus.








Beer still is a popular beverage. It seems to me that in the past beer was the main drink while working, relaxing or meeting with friends. In the past an employee of the brewery received 6 beers a day to drink while working. That tradition is carried on, but of course the employees are not allowed to drink while working. They receive 100 liters of beer every month for themselves and their family.

Untouched Nature, Wild Food and Mr. Schindlers Fish

In the Schwarzwald, nature thrives, water is drinkable without treatment, there are lots of wild edible plants and the water is full of fish.




I like to go fishing from time to time, but sadly fishing in that region is only allowed from April to September.

So instead of going fishing, we visited the Forellenhof Lohmühle, a local trout-pond where you can get fantastic trout to cook for yourself. Joachim Schindler is the man in charge here and told us a little bit about his business and passion.


He bought this small trout-pond a few years ago and started very small. Today his fish is being bought by restaurants and locals everywhere in the Schwarzwald. The water in his ponds is crystal clear and his trout is much bigger than any trout I’ve seen before. He feeds his fish with 95 % veggies and about 5 % fish-meal, much different than other trout-breeders that feed maggots from dead pigs or special fish food to make the fish grow unnaturally fast.







If you like trout or salmon, I highly recommend visiting his ponds and get a fish or two. We’ve done exactly that and prepared the trout together with freshly collected Schwarzwald wild edibles and some buckwheat. Can you beat that?
















What Else is There to See Near Alpirsbach?

So after staying a few days in Alpirsbach, walking around and talking to people, you want to get out of town and see something new. If you want to go shopping or just have a coffee in a city environment you should visit Freudenstadt. It’s just a few kilometers to drive or free if you take the train. If you stay in Alpirsbach as a tourist, you have to pay a visitors-tax per day per person, but you can use public transportation for free with the so called Konus-Gästekarte (Konus Guest Card). We didn’t took advantage of that because we had our trusty van ready to drive right in front of the door.


There is a lot to see and enjoy. If we had more time, we surely would spent a day at the Ruine Hohenschrammberg (a castle ruin), visit the Bärenpark in Bad Ripolsau (Bear Park Bad Ripolsau) or check out the amazing waterfalls you’ll find in the south the Schwarzwald.

Anyway I think we will definitely visit this amazing place again. So, we’re gonna see you in Alpirsbach.